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Monthly Open Meditation and Qigong Gatherings

These gatherings are on hold until further notice.

Sorry about the inconvenience!

Our Goal: To come together in Peace as friends, with the common goal of meditating for the greater good for ourselves, our loved ones, our fellow group members, the rest of the world, and for all that is.

3rd sunday of each month: Free Qigong practice 11 am

Last sunday of each month: Free Meditation practice 5 pm

On the 3rd and last Sunday of every month, Seattle Wushu Center will host a Qigong practice (3rd sunday) and "Seika Light Circle" (last sunday)- an open meditation/circle of intent gathering at Seattle Wushu Center. Everyone of all ages is welcome to one or both of these sessions, no experience required. All sessions are free, however donations are gladly accepted for use of the space.

Bodyworkers, energy workers of all modalities, martial artists, yoga practitioners, Tai Chi players, teachers, business owners, stay at home parents, busy professionals, young and old, and anyone who wants to learn to clear their minds of mental clutter, gain a sense of relaxation, or practice their chosen mode of meditation are welcome to join us! Even if you have no experience in meditation, join us in monthly wonderful times of awareness, "mental recess", and fellowship! We'll help you get started on simple meditation exercises!

Sometimes we'll ask one of the more experienced people to share one of their meditation methods with us for truly invigorating learning experience! Zhan Zhuang, Gassho meditation, Zazen, Dhyana, Tibetan bowl meditation......all methods and styles are welcome here.

Please bring a cushion, zabuton or meditation bench to meditation sessions. We have some chairs and optional "seating" for those who cannot sit on the floor for extended periods. No special needs for Qigong. Please wear comfortable clothing that is not too tight.

Qigong sessions will start with light warmups, followed by guided movements, breathing and visualization methods. Each session is meant to be relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

Meditation sessions will start with guided movement and breathing, followed by a 30 to 45 minute group meditation while seated in a circle (or groups of circles, depending on number of participants), then sharing/discussion or even fun group activities. Some sessions will be silent, some with meditation music, some with bowl tones.....each session is meant to be unique! While many of us may already benefit from the welcome respite of our "thinking and logical" mind with daily solo meditation, it is also a wonderful experience to come together in concert in seeking clarity, serenity and even setting goals and positive intentions. . The sharing of energy, compassion, and gaining new friends are also added bonuses!

**These monthly gathering is non denominational, non discriminatory, and open to all persons regardless of creed, gender, and orientation. However, participants who display negative, disruptive, or opinionated behavior will be asked to leave that particular session. We ask that all participants remain friendly and respectful of one another's styles or beliefs. For those of you who question the benefits of the activity of meditation, we ask that you try it at least once......if anything, you'll experience a simple, relaxing, stress relieving time, even if only once!! :) **

** When you email us with your interest in participating in person or remotely, you will be added to our email list for monthly session announcements and related news. **



What is Meditation?

Meditation is many things, only a few of which can be listed as:

  • It is an activity where the practitioner attempts to get beyond the "thinking mind" in order to gain into deeper states of relaxation or insight.

  • It can be a way for the practitioner to focus on "deep" philosophies.

  • It can be a way of simply relaxing and releasing stress and negative thought

  • It can be of "clearing" the mind through focusing on a particular sound or mantra.

  • It can be a way to gain clarity to focus intentions toward goals.

The process or methods of meditation differ from person to person, and from discipline to discipline. The purpose for meditation also differs from person to person, and each person seeks different things in their meditation practice. Some people like to just sit still, some lay down, some meditate with crystals or beads, some (like Reiki practitioners) may use their meditation time as a time for self-healing. All methods are correct, all methods are true, all methods are welcome at our monthly gatherings.

What is Qigong?

Qigong means "energy skill", "energy cultivation", or "breath work". It is an ancient Chinese science of using breathing techniques, gentle movement, and meditation to cleanse, strengthen, and circulate the life energy (qi). Also known as "Daoyin" or "Neigong", Qigong can be practiced by anyone of any age. It is a deeply relaxing yet invigorating activity.

What is group meditation?

Group meditation is simply a gathering of people that want to meditate together, and share the comraderie of the common goals such as awareness, relaxation, inner peace, cultivating compassion and good intentions, etc. Some of our gatherings will have a "theme" or "subject of intention" (such as "meditate on the intention of World peace", or "Intend to wish health for ailing loved ones"). For "regular" sessions, each participant may have their own practice, goals, and good intentions in mind.

Is meditation or Qigong religious?

No, absolutely not. While many practice meditation as part of their spiritual practice, our gatherings are not meant to be religious in nature. Participants may do their meditations any way their belief or style sees fit. Our sessions are open to anyone, regardless of creed, gender, orientation, and beliefs......all are welcome here. We ask that participants remain open minded, with no discussion of personal beliefs.

Do I have to sit with my legs all tied up in that "lotus" position?

No. Meditation is with mind, not your limbs. Although some methods do use specific sitting postures and or hand positions ( and some meditate in movement, as with Tai Chi), one need not sit in lotus position, which can be difficult for many people. Many people like to use a meditation bench with legs tucked under, or cushion while seated cross legged, some like being seated comfortably in a chair, sitting with one's back against a wall for support, or even standing or laying down.

I don't have any experience with meditation. Can I still come to the Monthly sessions?

Of course! We'll show you basic meditation methods. All experience levels are welcome, and we especially welcome beginners! Some sessions will feature our experienced friends who will share their method with the rest of us so that we may learn new things!

What should I wear to the sessions?

Any type of comfortable, non restrictive clothing is suggested.However, please refrain from wearing shorts.We will do our sessions in sock feet or barefoot, depending on your preference. No street shoes will be allowed in the meditation area. Before sessions, please remove any jewelry, watches, etc., that might hamper your comfort.

Anything else I should bring?

You may bring water bottle, small towel (if it is a warm evening), a cushion to sit on (or meditation bench) . If you like to meditate with crystals or stones, feel free to bring them. If you like to begin your meditation with chimes or bowls, bring those. (Some days, we will have the sessions with the sounds of the Tibetan or crystal bowls, tuning forks, etc)

Should I just show up?

Please try to email or to notify us of your attendance to a session. You will receive a reminder invitation each month a couple weeks before sessions that you may respond to. One of the other reasons we should email before attending, is stated below.

Is there any type of "meditation/Qigong ettiquette?"

Not really. Just being courteous is just fine. If you have to clear your throat, or sneeze, go right ahead. If you feel you need to stand up for a bit, please do so quietly so as to not disturb your neighbors. If you feel you need a sip of water, do that quietly. Feel free to use the restroom, but do try to use it before the session. If you feel a coughing or sneezing fit coming on, please try to go out of the room. Restita likes to "clear" the meditation area with incense or burnt sage before each session, and aromatherapy essential oils might be used during the session......please notify our host Restita at or to let her know if you are sensitive or allergic to such scents or odors so we do not use them for that session. If we do use these scents, we try to keep the scents light and please try to refrain from wearing strong perfume or cologne that might distract your neighbors. Please do not handle other people's Tibetan bowls, tingshas, chimes, tuning forks, crystals, or other meditation accessories without the owner's permission. Please do not discuss your personal religious beliefs with one another unless the conversations are mutually agreed upon with those participating in the conversation. Although all meditation or awareness-expanding styles are welcome, we ask that participants refrain from the use of recreational or hallucinogenic drugs at our gathering place. We will not be held liable for any situations or injuries that arise from a participant's use of such substances. Participants that are visibly and obviously impaired will be asked to leave the session and return at the next session if the participant so desires.

Sounds interesting! But I'm not in the Seattle area.....

That's okay! Meditation is a wonderful practice all the time, not just once a month. However, you don't need to be in Seattle to join us in this wonderful gathering! Energy workers will be familiar with this method: Just find a quiet place to sit or lay down at the appointed time, and silently state your intention to join our Light Circle. You don't have to remain quiet and still for the whole hour, but knowing that you are joining in an activity that a remote group supports you in, is a great feeling! If you intend to join us, always please email us with your name and location (i.e. "I'm Restita DeJesus, Seattle WA USA. I'd like to join your meditation today!"), so we can include you in our circle of meditation and intention. Reiki practitioners, please feel free to use any and all symbols you'd like to join us for distance sessions.

if you are new to meditation and want to get started on some simple exercises, just email us at or (alternate email), and we'll send you a couple of easy and basic meditation exercises to get you started. After you're comfortable with the basics, you can "join" us at our monthly 5 pm (Pacific Standard Time) sessions with intention alone.

Are the session dates posted on any social networking sites?

Yes. If you're on Facebook, "like" our page: Seika Circle - Monthly meditation gatherings

If you're on Twitter, follow: @seattlewushu and @FireHorseGal


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