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Bullwhip Classes, Blowgun and Slingshot practice

Bullwhip Classes

Have you ever wanted to learn how to crack a whip like Indiana Jones or Zorro?  We offer private lessons in whip cracking tricks at our studio. We provide the practice whips for participants to borrow.

For more information, see the "Snapdragons Bullwhip Enthusiasts Group" web page.

Knife Throwing

"Introduction to knife throwing" is currently on a private lesson basis (individual or small group). These lessons are at Seattle Wushu Center in West Seattle, and Sifu Restita provides the targets and knives. Participants must be at least 10 years old to participate. Minors must have signed parental authorization form for this class, which is available through Sifu Restita.

Instruction for individuals is $65 per person for first session (2 hours) 

Groups of 2 to 4 people are $50 per person  Family members are half price.

Blowgun Classes

Sifu DeJesus is a 4th Dan (black belt level) coach in the the art of "Fukiya Do", ("Way of the blowgun" , with "Fukiya" meaning "blowgun") as taught by Shihan Hironori Higuchi. This isn't just your "point and shoot" type of thing...instead, FukiyaDo introduces the the proper stance, posture, breathing and targeting methods needed for accurate blowgun shooting. Beginners are always welcome to learn, and we have a few blowguns for beginners to start with. However, if you choose to continue with the activity, you are responsible for purchasing your own blowgun, darts and accessories from 3rd party vendors.

We are members of the United States Blowgun Association (USBA), an affiliate to the International Fukiyado Association (IFA). Members may apply for official ranking within the USBA, much like belt ranks in martial arts. All rankings are based on final scores in "competition" events that are held periodically at our studio. Members must register as members of the USBA before they may apply for national ranking.

Participants must be at least 10 years old. All 2 hour sessions are taught in private individual or group format. $65 for one person. Groups of 4 to 8 people maximum, are $50 per person. Participants are encouraged to purchase their own blowguns before instruction. 

 Adults should purchase a .50 cal blowpipe at 48 inches and .50 cal darts with dart cones. Children under 10 to 13 years old should use a .40 cal blowpipe at 36 inches and .40 cal darts and dart cones (48 inch blowpipe if over 5 feet tall). 

All modern blowguns that are sold at 3rd party vendors have "anti-inhale" mouthpieces, an important safety feature.

More information, photos of our Blowgun club is here at our "Northwest Blowgun Enthusiasts" page:


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