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About Our Classes

KUNG FU is a term that refers to the traditional fighting arts of China. The term itself loosely translates to "hard work", or "skills gained through arduous effort" or "time spent (in getting good at a skill)". Another term used for martial arts in China is "Wushu" (which literally means "martial art"). Kung Fu or Wushu is not a single method, but rather, blanket terms for all the martial systems that are practiced in China.

Our curriculum for Adults, Juniors, Teens, Mighty Mites and Tiny Tigers has been developed around a core art called "Kajukenbo". Kajukenbo is considered to be America's first original mixed martial art, which itself was developed in the late 1940's as a method to protect practitioners from the mean streets of the Palama area in Oahu, Hawaii at the time. The art consists of the concepts of Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Kenpo, Chinese Boxing (Kung Fu) and Filipino fighting systems.

Around this core, our Chief Instructor, Restita DeJesus, incorporate drills, techniques and exercises from her other areas of expertise: Tai Chi, Wushu, and Filipino fighting methods. Each class is tailored to each age group, and all activities are age-appropriate.

WUSHU also refers to the arts of China, however is more commonly known nowadays as the modern styles that incorporate acrobatics and "nandu" (difficult skills such as balance stances, intricate tumbling maneuvers, etc). Our Wushu classes introduce both empty handed and weapons routines, and is taught primarily as a demonstration/exhibition art. Sparring is not taught in this class.

TAI CHI is best known for its slow and flowing movements, Tai Chi has long been valued health practice. With its roots in martial arts, Tai Chi is a beneficial practice that not only provides a type of "movement yoga" and stress relief, but effective martial arts applications as well.We offer 2 styles of Tai Chi, Chen Style and Yang Style.

FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS is known by terms such as "Arnis", "Eskrima" and "Kali. We offer a curriculum based around the "Filipino Martial Arts Academy" system (FMAA) and Doce Pares Eskrima. FMAA is based on several Eskrima and Kali styles, as well as the Indonesian concepts of Silat. Doce Pares Eskrima is the oldest school of martial arts in the Philippines, having been founded in 1932. The Filipino martial arts carry a rich history of ancient fighting methods and the incorporation of other arts by immigrants to the island nation.

Tiny Tigers Kung Fu

(4 to 6 years old)

A great introduction to martial arts!

Mighty Mites Kung Fu

(6 to 9 years old)

A fun class that introduces a more intricate set of skills!

Juniors/Teens Kung Fu

(10 to 17 years old)

Skills for the older kids and teens!

Adults Martial Arts

(Ages 18 and above)

Effective Self Defense, Kung Fu, Filipino arts, weaponry and more!

Tai Chi

(Ages 18 and above)

Meditation in motion, with roots in the martial arts. Chen style and Yang Style


Modern Chinese Martial Arts

Filipino Martial Arts

Weapons and barehand fighting systems from the Philippines

Extracurricular Skills

Cracking Bullwhips, shooting blowguns or slingshot, knife throwing

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