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Martial Arts Kids Birthday Parties!

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are not offering Martial Arts birthday parties at this time.

We can, however, offer a Martial Arts lesson on Zoom for your birthday child for $25.

Contact us as to schedule a birthday martial arts lesson on Zoom.

Want to have a really fun birthday party with a Kung Fu theme? Have a Martial Arts Birthday Party!

Our 2 1/2 hour party packages are for kids ages 4 and above, and are good for up to 15 children. $10 extra for each additional child, up to maximum of 20 kids. Parties may go up to 3 hours maximum.

We may tailor the theme of the party based on your child's wishes: Lego Ninjago party, Karate Kid party, Kung Fu Panda, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party, Power Rangers Party, etc. Our Chief Instructor and staff have skills pertinent to many martial arts/action figure themes.

At least 2 weeks notice is required for all Panda parties. Advance deposits required to reserve the studio for your private party. Checks, Cash, or Credit Cards accepted.

Email us now to find reserve our studio for your child's birthday party!

Standard Martial Arts Party: Ages 4 and above $250

The Party includes:

* One 45 minute kung fu lesson: Fun with kicks, punches, martial arts partner and group activities.

*Each child recieves a certificate for a free 3 lesson intro program if they want to continue their study of Kung Fu.

* Don't worry about cleanup...we'll take care of that!

No food included in the standard party. Parents/Guardians would be responsible for food, drink and any desired decorations.

** Non refundable deposit of $100 to reserve studio. Balance due after the party. **

Older kids (10 and above) will not do the "panda ears crafting". Instead, we'll offer instruction on board breaking.

Deluxe Martial Arts Party: Ages 4 and above $375

All the benefits of the standard Party, PLUS....

*Pizzas for attendees, party cut, your choice of 1 topping.

* Soda or juice (your choice of soda: lemon-lime, cola, or orange. Your choice of juice: apple, orange, or punch)

* Cups, plates, napkins, utensils

*Birthday child gets a personalized "I spent my birthday having fun at Seattle Wushu Center" t-shirt. (please give us your child's shirt size and we'll take care of the printing)

* Setup and cleanup

This type of party would cost well over $500 with the private group lesson, staff, and personalized shirt alone. Save some money and get all the food you'd need, don't worry about planning activities, and don't worry about cleaning up! Enjoy your child's day and just worry about taking pictures and laughing a lot!

** Non refundable deposit of $150 to reserve studio. Balance due after the party. **

Minimum 3 week advance scheduling required.

Martial Arts Master Party: Ages 4 and above $450

The gold standard of the parties! This package includes everything in the Deluxe Panda party, PLUS.....

* 1/2 sheet personalized birthday cake and candles (We'll handle the cake cutting and passing the cake out to the kids)

** Non refundable deposit of $175 to reserve studio. Balance due after the party.**

Minimum 3 week advance scheduling required.

Hosting your own party at home? Have "Master Sifu" Restita and the Kung Fu Crew come by to do a martial arts demonstration for your party!: Ages 4 and above $150

If you'd like to host your Kung Fu Panda themed party at home, you can have Master Restita and her Kung Fu Crew present a martial arts activities at your home (1 hour session). The birthday child will recieve a certificate good for a free 3 lesson intro program if he/she wants to continue studying martial arts

This package available within the areas of West Seattle, Greater Seattle, North Seattle, South Seattle, Eastside (Mercer Island, Bellevue, Factoria), Burien, South Park, Renton, and Kent.

FAQ's about our Parties

Q: Can I bring my own cake and food?

A: Of course. The only party package where you'd need to bring food and/or cake would be the regular "Panda Party", but you are welcome to bring additional food to the other parties where pizza is provided.

Q: Wow, you open your studio for a bunch of kids with food and do you do it?

A: Those of us at Seattle Wushu Center love Kung Fu....and we love to see the fun that kids have when they learn Kung Fu. We have plenty of staff for each party, so that parents can just enjoy the day and let us worry about carpet cleaning and tidying up.

Q: I have twins....can we do a Panda party for both kids?

A: You bet! Just add $30 to the regular party fee and your twins will be all set for a fun Panda Party!


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