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Six Healing Sounds


Liu Zi Jue: "Six Healing Sounds Qigong": This 3 hour workshop will share the Qigong of "Six healing sounds". This Qigong combines breath, intention, visualization, body movement and vocal toning to send Qi (energy) and vibration to the 5 major organs (liver ,heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys) and to the San Jiao-triple burner, TCM's term for the body areas that regulate metabolism). This Qigong method stimulates these organs, thereby promoting health and a sense of well being.

We'll start off by learning/practicing the concepts of rooting, deep breathing, establishing a "space" for health and breathing, opening the gates through the "conception vessel" and "governing vessel", and leading Qi. Afterwards, we'll learn the six healing sounds, accompanying movements, and learn about which meridians are involved.

*Tentative workshop date (may be subject to change): Sunday July 11, 2:30 to 5:30 pm.

*Workshop Fee: $65 per person (sliding scale fees applicable to qualified participants. Family members are $45. If you would like to register for yourself with additional family members and would like to pay with credit card, please email Sifu DeJesus at and she will invoice you via PayPal for the total amount. Otherwise, you may pay directly with cash or check on the day of the workshop.

If you are interested in attending this fun workshop, please register here:

This workshop will be held at Seattle Wushu Center, 5659 California Ave. SW Suite A Seattle, WA 98136. We hope to see you there! Space is limited to 25 participants, register to reserve your space.


What is Qigong?

Since Chinese is more of a conceptual language, it is difficult to literally translate the concept of "Qi" into English. The best way I can describe it, is that Qi loosely translates to "breath", "vitality", "energy that animates living things" and "energy that allows even inanimate objects to resonate with other sentient beings or non-sentient thing".

"Gong" can mean "work", "skill", "process of cultivating proficiency", "discipline", " time spent on practice".

So, Qigong can mean: "Breathing skills", "energy work", or "cultivating Qi through practice". It is a method to connect with one's reality, be it material or immaterial, and to realize the oneness with everything....therefore that "everything is as valuable as you are."

Is Qigong a religion?

Absolutely not. Qigong, with its history going back 2,000 to 6,000 years ago (depending the sources cited), was designed to be an avenue for people to discover and realize the upper limits to their human potential. It was (and still is) a practice that allows the body and mind to be more receptive to inner motivation and insight. Although much of Qigong's concepts derive from Taoist thought, the masters of old never prayed to dieties, made offerings to dieties, nor did they require their students to hold allegiance to any particular diety or dogma.

Qi is the Universal energy or the "source" of this energy. Qi itself is not a "just is". However, religions do have names for this energy and have prescribed methods for connecting to this energy or source. Qigong does not have such stringent methods or names for the energy or source. Qigong originally was designed so that this energy is available for all, regardless of creed. I've personally known many devout Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, etc that understand this, and practice Qigong without any clashing with their chosen religions.

What are some benefits of Qigong?

There are so many! Just to name a few:

- Increased relaxation

- Ability to handle stress more effectively

- Ability to be more compassionate

- Strengthens and tones the muscles without strain

- No special equipment or uniforms are necessary

- Its completely safe, no side effects.

- Improves sense of well being and wellness.

- Enhances concentration and focus

- You don't need much room to practice (unless you're doing Tai Chi)

- Easy to learn

- Reduces anxiety and depression

- Enhances ability to stay "in the moment" (grounding)

- Rids the mind of "mental clutter" that can cloud judgment or ability to solve problems.

.......and many many more benefits!!

Is Qigong a bona-fide healing method?

This can be a touchy subject, as many people have differing opinions as to what "healing" is. By "healing", if you mean a "cure" or "miraculous disappearance of illness or disease", then I must say that Qigong cannot guarantee cures or miraculous disappearance of illness. While some people notice profound results with Qigong practice, some results are very subtle and hard to notice.

However, if you speak in terms of "healing" as being a process that promotes wholeness and health, then yes, I will say that Qigong is one of these processes. "Healing" can be defined as an "activity or process that results in health or promotes the body's natural ability to repair or restor itself". Because of this, "healing" does not necessarily mean that only western medicine or eastern medicine or drugs are the only sources for facilitating the healing process. Nor does "healing" mean than only a diety's intervention can facilitate the healing. The body naturally does it, however certain things can "block" healing, such as negative attitude, bad health or hygiene habits, the use of recreational drugs, overuse of alcohol, and a myriad of other things. Qigong itself, is just one of many activities that promote the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Healing begins with's own focused intention is what aids in the body's natural process of healing. When the mind and body are relaxed and "open", the body can better use its natural energy and faculties to heal itself (sometimes aided by conventional medicines, herbs, diet, etc).

The word "healing" is most times attributed to styles of religious intervention, but as mentioned, healing is simply the body's process of repair. Many religions do attribute healing as the work of a Diety, which is fine.... As long as the a person can hold an intention, however they want to hold this intention, and if the body still does have the ability to repair itself, I believe that any belief, whether religious or otherwise, can aid in our body's work as long as we allow the process to happen.

When practicing Qigong, be well advised that if you currently undergo medical treatments or take medications, that you should continue to follow these instructions as given by your Doctor or medical professional. Qigong complements standard medicines and medical procedures, it is not meant to be a replacement for conventional medicine. DO keep up with the advice of your Doctor, knowing that Qigong can help as it does not have side effects.....however again, I will mention, it is not a replacement for medical advice.

Good Qigong teachers will not tell you to forfeit standard medical procedures or medications. If a Qigong teacher is a qualified medical practitioner, then you're twice as blessed! I know of many Qigong practitioners who are also acupuncturists or Masters or Chinese medicine, and they themselves can prescribe herbs or dietary advice. But, unless a Qigong teacher is indeed a medical professional in Western or Eastern or any other medical practice, they cannot and should not prescribe anything other than teach you the Qigong.

What's with the "vibrations" in these 6 healing sounds?

As far fetched as it might sound (no pun intended!), vibrational therapy has been around for thousands of years, with the knowledge that everything as we know it and perceive it, is energy.....nothing is actually "solid" as we would assume. What seemingly is a solid object, is made up of very small particles vibrating at such a fast rate that they "appear" solid. Light also aids in our perception of the reality of solid objects. Since our eyesight is so limited, we don't see this movement or vibration of the particles. Everything, including our human organs, have a natural vibratory rate called "resonance". If a part of a living organism vibrates out of resonance with the "healthy rate", then it manifests itself in abnormal functions, what we label as "disease".

Each sound (and method of toning these sounds) is meant to bring a particular resonance or frequency to each of the 5 major organs of the body and to the San Jiao (triple burner, in Chinese medicine....the areas of the body that regulate metabolism). These sounds send different frequencies to the organs and the rest of the body, to promote the balance of "correct" frequencies to each of the organs. When they vibrate at their "healthy rate", the body itself benefits from a greater sense of wellness and health.

Nowadays, as well as using certain styles of Qigong to correct frequency imbalances, some practitioners use tuning forks of specific frequencies, crystal or brass "singing bowls", chimes, or other apparatus to balance the frequencies in the body's natural energetic field.

For those of you interested in more about vibrational therapy, try Jonathan Goldman's book "Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics"


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