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I, the parent or legal guardian named above, of the child also named above, do hereby give my consent for my child(ren) to participate in this Day Camp, special class series or special event. I understand that the instructors and chaperones strictly enforce school rules and safety regulations in all special classes and events, including but not limited to: day camps, seminars, tournaments, demonstrations, fund raising activities, field trips, kung fu birthday parties, kung fu slumber parties, camp-outs, and visits to other schools. I understand that all participants of this class or special event are to observe and comply with school rules and safety regulations as set forth by the staff of Seattle Wushu Center. I understand that I may need to purchase certain materials or apparatus for this class or event at my expense. Individuals who refuse to comply with safety regulations may be dismissed from this activity with no reimbursement.

I declare that I will not hold Seattle Wushu Center, its Legal Owner, its officers, employees, and volunteer chaperones/assistants, responsible for any injuries, damages, or personal losses sustained while participating in this martial arts program and related activities under the supervision of Seattle Wushu Center, if such losses are accidental and/or a result of the above mentioned participant's failure or non-compliance with safety regulations, instructions, and instructor/staff verbal reminders.

I understand that space may be limited in certain activities, and that I may be required to remit a pre-registration fee to reserve and hold a place in this activity for my child. If this is the case, I understand that upon submitting this registration form, I will be directed to an online confirmation that will give me the option to pay such reservation fees via check, money order, or credit card. I understand that even if this registration form is received by Seattle Wushu Center, a place cannot be held for my child until the reservation fee is received.

By clicking "yes" below, I declare that the information provided on this form is both true and complete, that I have read and understood the above statement, and that I give my express consent for my child to participate in this activity.

Thank you for registering. Your registration form will be reviewed. If our staff has any questions or concerns, you will be contacted via email.

Thank you!

-Seattle Wushu Center Staff
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