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Members of Seattle Wushu Center are slated to perform in the upcoming stage production "Seven Dancing Sultanas". We will be playing the "Sultan's Royal Guard", and will be doing Wushu/Kung Fu in two of the acts.

A blurb from the press release:

- - Seven Dancing Sultanas is a belly dance fairytale for the whole family.  In this opulent production a storyteller spins a tale of a love struck drummer’s quest to win the hand of a royal sultana.  This story has something for everyone, beautiful dancing daughters, a tricky fairy, a sly imp, fierce royal guards, and an evil enchantress.


Seattle Spin said: “If you’re Nutcrackered-out this year … this show is a worthy holiday alternative.”

Featuring performances by special guests:

 Seattle Wushu Martial Arts

Produced by Cause It’s Art and Y’Chessa Dahli Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble

Ticket Information

$12 - $15

Saturday, November 22, 2008 7PM

Paul Robeson Performing Arts Center (at Rainier Beach High School)

8815 Seward Park Avenue S.



Tickets are available at :  For ticket information, call 800-838-3006.

For show or fundraising information, call 206-723-9039

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Here's a few pics from the play. There are more pics, but other people took those. (these pics are from my camera)



Goofing off......That's Dylan breakdancing on his head.....and why is Hai pointing at his butt?




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More pics:



Hai & Kevin......the "LuohanQuan Brothers"!



Here's Lisa and Corinne posing to look "fierce".  LOL!!



GAAAH! OMG, I think I look like a Las Vegas "Sinbad" . From what I heard, all our makeup looked okay from the audience point of view.  The makeup is sort of shocking up close. 













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It was soooooooooo  much fun doing this production!  The people were friendly and the play is imaginative!  I can't wait to do it again next year.  It was awesome to work with members of the wushu classes!  It bonded us a little, which is cool.  Thanks for a great experiance!

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