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2012 Summer Series mini-camp

2012 Summer Series

Summer is almost here, and this year’s summer series is hotter than ever! 


Dates: July 9 through August 29  Mondays and Wednesdays (There will not be a session monday August 6th)

Times: 12 pm to 4 pm

Fee: $430 . $100 pre-registration and materials deposit to reserve your spot before June 15th, then payment of $165 due in July, and the remaining balance of $165 due before August 22nd.  Remaining balance may be remitted at any time, however.

20 spots available for this series. Pre-register to reserve your spot.


Here’s the lineup:


Throwing Arts: The throwing arts are one of many important skills of well rounded martial artists. We will learn the proper safety precautions and techniques and skills necessary to throw implements similar to “bo shuriken” (straight spikes). We will NOT be using real bo shuriken but rather, chopsticks! We will also learn how to throw regular playing cards and one handed “card shoot” tricks! Proper technique and targeting skills will be our focus for this section.

Eskrima: The Filipino art of Doce Pares Eskrima will be the focus of this section. We will learn and review the 12 basic strikes and blocks, basic Doce Pares terminology, double stick drills, single stick techniques, palm stick techniques (“dulo dulo”) and knife techniques. Your materials deposit includes 1 pair of eskrima sticks, 1 dulo-dulo and 1 wooden training knife.

Blowgun: By popular demand, this course will be held again this year! We will learn safety precautions, techniques and Kata (form) of  Fukiya-Do (“way of the blowgun”). At the end of the course, all participants will have the opportunity to attain ranking within the USA Blowgun Association. Those students who have attained rank last year, will be able to attempt for a higher rank. Students who attended camp last year will need to bring their own blowgun that they purchased last year. New students who do not have a blowgun will need to order one from me.

Duct tape fun! Learn to make ninja stars, wallets, and other fun stuff!

Kung Fu: We’ll be reviewing our forms and self defense that we do in Juniors kung fu class. New students will learn the fundamentals and have the opportunity to test for their white belt by the end of the summer series.

Bullwhip: We'll review and teach bullwhip techniques. Bring your bullwhip, or I have some from participants to borrow.



CAMP FEE (Full 8 week program) $430
direct family members are 1/2 price!

Considering that many part-time mini camps across the United States (not counting the full day ones) are close to $200 or more for just ONE week, our full camp fee is a bargain.... that's only a little over $26 per session! A BIG discount over my usual private group fee, which is usually $50 per person per hour!  In fact, to get 64 hours of intensive private group sessions like our camp, it would cost $3200!  I highly recommend taking advantage of the 8 weeks for only $430! This fee includes Eskrima sticks, a training dagger, Eskrima palm stick, and extra snack at each session.


Reserve you spot now by making a $100 deposit before June 15th via PayPal on our registration page,
Last Deadline for all pre-registration is June 15th so that I can make the special order for our materials and gear. However late pre-registration is allowed if there is still room in the program. Parents may still register their children late for the camp until July 1st but will not receive their gear (blowgun set/sticks, training dagger) till the following week.

Reserve your spot soon. Only 20 spots available for this mini camp series, and when they're gone, they're gone!


What participants should bring to every session:

* Water or sports drink. We also have water at the studio at 50 cents a piece, and Gatorade at 1 dollar a piece.

* Small lunch or snacks (I'll provide extra healthy snacks as well...fruit, granola to keep the kids energized!)

* Small towel (you'll get sweaty!)

* Your blowgun and darts if you have one from last year. If you need more darts, let me know ASAP to order darts  (extra $5 fee for darts)

* Eye protection/protective glasses or goggles for the blowgun and throwing arts sections. NO sunglasses will be permitted….clear lenses only. Prescription glasses are not considered eye protection, and participants who wear glasses must get eye protection that fits over their prescription glasses if they choose to wear glasses during the sessions.

* Extra t-shirt (if you need to change out of a sweaty shirt)

*(participant purchases this on their own) Duct tape. Participants may choose any colors they'd like for their duct tape projects.

*(participant brings these) Two toilet paper tubes (for blowgun dart quiver construction)

* (Participant purchases this on their own): a deck of playing cards. “Bicycle” brand works really well.

* Any thing that participant might want to use during the lunch break: iPod, handheld video game, books, etc.

 Click below to pre-register: