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 Seattle Wushu Center found its roots in 1991,after Ms. DeJesus decided to open a commercial school after years of teaching at Seattle community centers.The School originally taught Karate and Kajukenbo, with Wushu and Taijiquan being "private lesson" subjects.

Ms. DeJesus  was an assistant instructor at the Chinese Wushu Taiji Academy under Master Yijiao Hong, and managing her current martial arts studio, "Yin Yang Arts Center" in the West Seattle area with her business partner Sherril Johnson. When Master Hong made the decision to stop teaching Wushu in order to concentrate fully on her new family, she gave the responsibilities of CWTA's Wushu classes to Ms. DeJesus. Ms. DeJesus welcomed CWTA's members to her studio, to carry on the practice of Wushu and Tai Chi in the Seattle area.  After moving to the Georgetown area of Seattle for one year, the school moved back to its home base in West Seattle in 2009.

Restita's teacher, Master Yijiao Hong, is the executive advisor to Seattle Wushu Center. Seattle Wushu Center associates closely with a "sister school" in the Chinatown district area, headed by her good friend, Sifu Tianyuan Li.Together, both schools endorse the proliferation of Wushu in the Pacific Northwest and frequently join forces for high energy demonstrations and workshops.

In October of 2008, our online store was made to be a convenient way for students of Seattle Wushu Center to purchase uniform items, gear, and weapons.With our busy lives, its easy to forget to place an order directly with our Chief Instructor. Now, students can get online and order items at their convenience.

 Ms. DeJesus' other martial arts background includes black belt rankings in: Butokukan Karate, Doce Pares Eskrima, Filipino Martial Arts Academy (FMAA) curriculum, Kajukenbo-Wun Hop Kuen Do, Eskrido, Pangamot, and the Japanese archery art of Kyudo. Her other studies include the Japanese sword art of Iaido, and Baguazhang. She is also Reiki Master Practitioner, Bullwhip and blowgun enthusiast.



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